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The Lifespan of Light Bulbs….You Could Be Saving a Lot of Money

6 Jul

This chart shows you exactly how many bulbs will it would take to last as long as one LED light bulb. Incredible isn’t it?!?!? Most LEDs actually do not “DIE” as incandescents light bulbs so. They actually just begin to dim. So in all actuality LEDs could last much longer than 50,000 hours.

I want everyone to understand that LEDS not only save you money be using MUCH less energy than incandescent or compact florescents…but they also save you money because you spend less time paying for new bulbs and taking the time to purchase and replace them.

LEDs are our future….they are the perfect solution for several of our problems. Including, save money, time, energy, and waste!


Can LED lighting really save energy and money?

29 Jun

Still think LEDs are too good to be true….well take a look as to what the Department of Energy has to say about LED lighting!









Take a look at the statistics. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that widespread adoption of LED lighting by 2025 will:

• Reduce electricity demands from lighting by 62 percent.

• Eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

• Reduce the amount of materials being put into landfills.

• Avoid the building of 133 new power plants.

• Save the US over $280 billion 

LED lighting is our future. It will helps us save the environment, save our money, and save time….and that is the TRUTH!

Cost Comparison Between Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs

8 Jun

LEDs 101: What You Need to Know About LEDs

17 May

Go ahead and purchase what will be one of your last incandescent bulbs, because as of 2015 they will not longer be lining the shelves of your local Ace Hardware, Walmart,  or Lowes. We have all been introduced to compact florescent bulbs, and were told we were saving energy and money. Part of this story is true, but the part we were not informed of is CFLs were a temporary fix. CFLs contain mercury which can be harmful to you and the environment when come in contact with.

LEDs are our future…so we best get used to the idea of the funny little bulbs that pack a lot of power in that small little package. LEDs are 80% more energy efficient that incandescent bulbs, and last more than 30 times longer. The technology for LEDS is changing every single day, and the bulbs are becoming more friendly to the american eye…have a look at the latest LED lamp bulb. This bulb only uses 6 watts of energy compared to its equivalent a 60 watt incandescent bulb. If you would like to purchase a few of these for your home go to http://www.bestvalueleds.com